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Pursue God, Not Pornography

Pornography is such a pervasive evil. It is eviscerating our civilization and even our churches. I continue to be burdened that this ubiquitous evil in our culture has become such a ubiquitous evil in our pews. That was the occasion for my message yesterday in the chapel of Southern Seminary and Boyce College. View it above or listen below.

Pursue God, Not Pornography

Pornography is such a pervasive evil. It is eviscerating our civilization and even our churches. I continue to be burdened that this ubiquitous evil in our culture has become such a ubiquitous evil in our pews. That was the occasion for my message yesterday in the chapel of Southern Seminary and Boyce College. View it above or listen below.

The Benedict Option comes to Southern Seminary

I suspect that one of the most important books of 2017 will be Rod Dreher’s forthcoming “The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation.” The book won’t be released until next month, but Dreher will be on the campus of Boyce College and Southern Seminary this week to deliver lectures on the material in the book. “The Benedict Option” has been much maligned and much misunderstood in popular conversation, and Dreher is going to be clarifying and making the case in these lectures. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday, February 7

  • 1pm – Session 1 (Heritage Hall)
  • 2pm – Session 2 (Heritage Hall)

Wednesday, February 8

  • 10am – Session 3 (Heritage Hall)
  • 1pm – Session 4 (Heritage Hall)

On both days, the first 100 students will receive a free book and will be entered in to win an iPad. Light refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!

Yes, let’s remember who’s watching this conversation

Last week I noted Jen Hatmaker’s sad departure from the Christian faith. In an interview for RNS, she revealed that she believes sexual immorality to be compatible with following Christ. As you can imagine, the response to this announcement has been mixed. I am happy to see that many Christians have expressed dismay at Hatmaker’s stance and have said that where she is going they cannot follow.

Yesterday, Hatmaker posted some additional thoughts on Facebook. I had hoped and prayed that she might return to the fold, but that is not what she did. Instead, she admonished her detractors to remember that the LGBT community is watching this controversy. She writes:

All around you, the LGBTQ community is watching. They are listening. They are watching how we respond, how we talk about them, how we actually feel about them in our churches. They are your neighbors, your colleagues, they are in your churches already, some of them are in your homes, some of them are your children and you don’t know it. Most of them are quiet because they are scared. With good and obvious reason. But they are beautiful people loved by Jesus and no matter what, we should speak in a way befitting the way of grace, the same way that found and saved and redeemed and healed us too. Please don’t mistakenly take me to the mat in public or private and imagine it doesn’t carry weight with tender, beloved people who are bearing witness to all this.

I couldn’t agree more with this, and it is precisely why faithful Christians need to bear witness right now. The LGBT community is watching. And there are some within that community who have heard the gospel. They have been confronted with the message that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners–including them.

They have also confronted the fact that while the grace of the Lord Jesus is free, it will cost them everything (Matt. 16:24; Gal. 2:20). To have Christ, they will have to renounce their sin–including sexual immorality–and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

And now these dear souls–precious in the sight of God–are hearing from Jen that they don’t really need to turn from sexual immorality. Jen tells them that their sexual immorality is “holy” in God’s sight. I would simply encourage Jen to remember that they are indeed watching and listening to her. And she is leading them away from mercy, away from life, and away from everything that matters in this life and the next. Her public departure from the faith is not helping these dear people. It’s harming them.

I would also encourage Jen to remember that same-sex attracted people are not “those people” out there. I have same-sex attracted friends and loved ones who have not only been a part of my life but who are also faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. God has already brought them into my church, and it is my joy and privilege to encourage them to love and good deeds and for them to do the same for me (Heb. 3:13). They are very much a part of us already, and they are watching this conversation too. And instead of being cheered on to greater faithfulness, they are hearing a siren call back into slavery to sexual immorality (Gal. 5:1). They too face genuine harm by this public departure from the Christian faith.

Yes, let us remember who is watching this conversation. We want every sinner–gay or straight–to know that the grace of the gospel is available to them. Our arms are wide open to them. And we desperately want them to hear the gospel and to be saved. But we are heralds of a kindgom that is not of this world (John 18:36). And people come into it on the King’s terms, not on their own terms. This King demands our all. And it does great, everlasting harm to our LGBT friends to tell them otherwise. By all means, let us remember who is watching this conversation.

“Gay Christian” explains why she now accepts same-sex marriage

I just read another public account of someone who is walking away from what the Bible teaches about marriage. Former Wheaton employee and self-identified “gay Christian” Julie Rodgers explains why she has embraced gay marriage. She has written about this previously, and I have responded previously. Nevertheless, this latest account is also worth some reflection. She writes:

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Sam Allberry to speak at Southern Seminary, March 4

Southern Seminary and Boyce College are pleased to welcome Sam Allberry to campus next week for a series of messages on “Homosexuality and Ministry.” The talks will focus on how to do faithful gospel ministry among those who are same-sex attracted. Sam Allberry has shared his compelling story in his watershed book Is God Anti-gay?, and he will be fleshing-out those themes in his talks on campus.

Boyce College’s Center for Gospel and Culture is sponsoring Allberry’s visit, but we want to welcome the entire seminary community to attend this important event. The event is free and will be held next week on Wednesday, March 4 in Heritage Hall. There will be refreshments provided in the afternoon sessions. Here is the schedule for the day.

Wednesday, March 4 – Heritage Hall

10:00am – Session 1: Boyce Chapel, “Sam’s Story”

1:00pm – Session 2: “What the Bible Teaches about Homosexuality”

1:45pm – Break

2:00pm – Session 3: “Gospel Ministry to the Same-Sex Attracted”

2:45pm – Session 4: “Q&A with Sam” (led by Denny Burk)

3:30pm – End


Conference with Wayne Grudem at SBTS

The Center for Gospel and Culture is happy to partner with the Commonweal Project to welcome Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus to the campus of Boyce College and Southern Seminary. Poverty plagues every nation and should be the concern of every Christian. Boyce College is serious about equipping Christians to bless the nations with the gospel and its fruit, including the alleviation of economic suffering. This conference brings theologian Wayne Grudem (Phoenix Seminary) and economist Barry Asmus (National Center for Policy Analysis) to the Boyce College campus to address “The Hard Work of Human Flourishing.”

From their recent work, The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution (Crossway 2013), Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus will present an integration of historical analysis, biblical theology, and sound economic principles to explain the reasons for poverty and to describe what is necessary for nations to move forward into prosperity. An excellent panel of breakout speakers will address the current issues of the nature of human work, economics and ethics, income inequality, and marketplace professionalism.

There are scholarships available for anyone who wants one. If you would like to have a complimentary registration, you can register by emailing Ken Magnuson at Be sure to include in your email your name and the two breakout sessions that you would like to attend (breakout sessions are listed below).

If you are not seeking a scholarship for your registration fee, you can register at the link below.


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Welcome to The Center for Gospel and Culture!

Welcome to the website for Boyce College’s Center for Gospel and Culture (CGC). The Center exists to equip God’s people to engage the culture from a biblical worldview perspective. To that end, the CGC will be sponsoring conferences in the Fall and Spring. Stay tuned to this site for details and for the latest on what is happening at the CGC.

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