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Our mothers and daughters drafted into combat?

The main reason that we ought to oppose women drafted into combat is because men and women are different. I know it’s not popular to say so, but that doesn’t make it any less true. This used to be obvious to everyone, but now it’s not. We would do well to remind ourselves what our grandparents and generations before them have always known.

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The infamy comes to Louisville

The Courier-Journal is reporting that Louisville’s Planned Parenthood moved to a new office in December. Planned Parenthood has been in Louisville for a long time, but its Louisville office did not offer abortions. That all changed this week. According to the report:

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Sam Allberry to speak at Southern Seminary, March 4

Southern Seminary and Boyce College are pleased to welcome Sam Allberry to campus next week for a series of messages on “Homosexuality and Ministry.” The talks will focus on how to do faithful gospel ministry among those who are same-sex attracted. Sam Allberry has shared his compelling story in his watershed book Is God Anti-gay?, and he will be fleshing-out those themes in his talks on campus.

Boyce College’s Center for Gospel and Culture is sponsoring Allberry’s visit, but we want to welcome the entire seminary community to attend this important event. The event is free and will be held next week on Wednesday, March 4 in Heritage Hall. There will be refreshments provided in the afternoon sessions. Here is the schedule for the day.

Wednesday, March 4 – Heritage Hall

10:00am – Session 1: Boyce Chapel, “Sam’s Story”

1:00pm – Session 2: “What the Bible Teaches about Homosexuality”

1:45pm – Break

2:00pm – Session 3: “Gospel Ministry to the Same-Sex Attracted”

2:45pm – Session 4: “Q&A with Sam” (led by Denny Burk)

3:30pm – End