Sam Allberry on Ministry and Homosexuality

The Center for Gospel and Culture at Boyce College is very grateful to have hosted Sam Allberry on campus a few weeks ago. His messages on “Ministry and Homosexuality” were insightful and timely. The first message above is Sam’s testimony along with some biblical exhortation. The three below are:

  • “What the Bible Teaches about Homosexuality”
  • “Gospel-Ministry to the Same-Sex Attracted”
  • “Q & A with Sam Allbery”

If you haven’t yet read Sam’s book, you need to. It’s Is God Anti-Gay (Question Christians Ask). See the rest of the videos below.

What the Bible Teaches about Homosexuality

Gospel-Ministry to the Same-Sex Attracted

Q & A with Sam Allberry

Overview of Q&A

0:00 – What do you think about reparative therapy?

5:40 – How can we be more persuasive with what the Bible teaches about sexuality?

9:23 – Should gay people avoid same-sex friendships?

12:13 – What is the difference between temptation and sin?

15:20 – Is same-sex attraction sinful?

21:21 – What do we minister to transgender youth?

29:33 – How do opposite sex friendships work with people who are same-sex attracted?

32:20 – How can churches be less reluctant about ministry to same-sex attracted folks?

35:04 – What do you say to someone who claims to be gay and Christian? (like Matthew Vines)

38:48 – Is homosexuality a gospel issue?

40:33 – How do we speak the truth to a transgender friend?

43:34 – What do we say to a gay person who has been hurt by Christians in the past?


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