The Commonweal Project

Denny Burk, the Director of CGC, serves on the steering committee for Southern Seminary’s Commonweal Project. The Commonweal Project is a part of the Oikonomia Network (see video above), which is generously supported by a grant from The Kern Family Foundation. Commonweal is led by SBTS professor Ken Magnuson who leads the project’s steering committee, which also includes Owen Strachan, Director of The Henry Institute, which houses the Commonweal Project.

The Commonweal Project operates under the conviction that where the gospel is received and lived, it transforms every aspect of life. This means not only the personal lives of individuals, but also our work, businesses, and even economics. CGC teams up with Commonweal in order to provide programming to equip students with a robust biblical understanding of the purpose and meaning of work, economics, and human flourishing. The aim is for pastors to lead their congregations to understand and embrace a strong sense of vocation and God’s calling in all areas of life, in order to serve and minister to others and to promote a gospel saturated vision of life, where the church is active in the transformation of communities.

The Commonweal Project will equip students to understand basic principles of economics, business and entrepreneurship, the biblical and theological principles that ground and shape a theology of work, and how the intersection of faith, work, and economics relates to ministry in the church and through the church to the community. Commonweal will sponsor lunch talks, film discussion nights, a conference on Economics, as well as some workshops that will bring together faculty, with their theological expertise, with leading thinkers on work and economics, as well as pastors, denominational leaders, and Christian leaders in the business community, to learn from one another and develop godly wisdom that is needed for a complex set of issues. Topics will include “what every pastor needs to know about economics”; how Christian virtues should guide work and economics; the purpose, meaning, and dignity of work; gospel transformation in businesses, communities and economies; vocation, calling, and stewardship in all of life.

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